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What’ll You Have? Lakefront’s Fixed Gear Red Ale, Please

Photo: Cogmag.com

(Editor’s Note: I like beer.  A lot.  And thus, I figured a monthly installment on delicious beers was in order.  This is the debut of that series. –NM)

You know what I’ve been drinking frequently in recent days (responsibly and in variable moderation, of course)?  Fixed Gear by Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, which is a red ale.  I’m certainly not a full-throttle beer geek with impenetrable terminology and technical expertise, but I am an advocate of trying new beers, learning about beer and supporting local and regional breweries.  Lakefront Brewery, started in 1987, is certainly an old pal by now to many Brewers fans.  After all, Lakefront is probably the most successful microbrewery in the state, their tour is a ton of fun, and the brewery is home to County Stadium’s Bernie Brewer chalet.  When County Stadium came down, Lakefront founders the Klisch brothers wisely purchased the chalet as an added attraction.  I wonder what happened to the beer barrel that was attached to the chalet, though…. 

Anyway, beer and Brewers baseball make a brilliant pair and it’s an even better match with truly tasty beer from a local microbrewery rather than gallons and gallons of mass-produced swill.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cheap beer for a few entirely different but also some shared reasons.  Fixed Gear seems to have cemented a place as a year-long fixture beer for Lakefront now.  In the past I would see it in the large bottles only but more and more I’m seeing it on taps and in six-packs.  Its prevalence is delightful, because Fixed Gear is an easy-drinking crimson ale with notes of fruit and a touch of bitterness.  It’s kind of malty and kind of hoppy but not overly so in either case.  I find it to be quite sessionable, meaning you can be a session man with a session beer and drink it for stretches, without falling over drunk.  It does have a 6.5 ABV, so it may not be a true session beer, depending on your definition.  Regardless, I find Fixed Gear to be an excellent choice for ballgames, hanging out or a visit to the pub.  If you haven’t given it a go, try it out, and certainly make sure to support your local breweries like Lakefront, purveyors of ‘Pure Milwaukee Genius’.