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What’s up with these 9-Packs?

The Accused 
Last year I had a blast with my 20-game pack, and the tickets were discounted nicely as we got $15 seats for $10.  This year, because I’m going on a baseball trip in May to the east coast and so will be short on cash, I was hoping to pick up a 9-Pack, but was not happy with what I saw.  My two main criticisms:
1.  You can’t get them in the bleachers.  We had our seats in the RF bleachers last year, and they can be a fun place to sit (although I realize now that I am a very old 25-year-old, and prefer peace to drunken hazing of the opponents’ rightfielders).  By not offering 9-Packs in the bleachers, it seems the Brewers are discouraging people my age and a bit younger from getting involved with season tickets.  This demographic is out on their own for the first time, with just a bit of disposible income, and it’s a perfect time to hook them into the Miller Park experience.  Start ’em small and keep ’em coming.
2.  The tickets aren’t discounted.  If I go to the gate and buy a ticket 10 minutes before the first pitch, I pay the same price as someone who invested in a 9-pack.  They do throw is a seat for opening day as a free 10th game, which is very cool, but they can’t shave a couple bucks off?  The same argument as above applies here: fill the stadium with young people now, because not only does it bring vibrance to the crowd, but also instills loyalty so when they “make it” they buy a club level suite, or a full season pack, or a really expensive 20-game pack.
Regardless, I’m probably going to buy one.  I love the Brewers.