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Whine with Cheeseheads (Brews lose Sunday, 7-4)

I missed all but the last inning of Sunday’s game (no, not watching the Packers…deck needed staining)…and some of the FSN replay. Bill Schroeder and Brian Anderson stated/reported that the umpires made four poor calls that day…all against the Brewers.
Before I get to that, the Brewers lost 7-4. Chris Capuano gave up 1 of those runs; Claudio Vargas gave up 4, while Chris Spurling gave up 2. Five Braves relievers pitched 3.67 IP, gave up just 3 hits, while fanning 8. This marks at least the 16th time the Brewers held a 3-run lead and wound up losing.
Okay…so onto the bad calls. One was at first, when Prince Fielder appeared to tag the Braves’ baserunner on the foot, but the ump called the runner safe. This one was close, and I didn’t see him clearly touch the foot, so it was okay by me. Then there was one at second base, where J.J. Hardy clearly tagged the Braves’ runner out…this is the place that Ned Yost got tossed on. There were two others, which I don’t remember, but it was pretty clear to all three FSN Wisconsin guys that these were bad calls. The umps also blew an appeal of a Bill Hall swing–he clearly went too far in his check swing–but both the home plate ump and the first base ump called it a check swing…which means 6 bad calls.
The Cubs won, 8-0, putting the Crew 3½ back now…and reducing the elimination number down to 4.
At least the Packers won.