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Why Ryan Braun may get gipped out of ROY honors

When the post the 2007 Milwaukee Brewers’ hitting category winners after Sunday’s game, don’t look for Ryan Braun to win the BA title.
Because MLB rules require 3.1 PA x 162 (or the number of games the Brewers will play this year), or 502 PA, for a player to be awarded the honor. And because Braun wasn’t called up until the end of May, he’ll finish with somewhere around 482 PA’s on the season.
While winning the team BA title means little, winning the league BA title carries even more weight with it. Unfortunately, even if Braun goes 6-for-6 today, he’d only up his BA to .330…which wouldn’t be enough to win the title even if he were eligible.
But those who vote for the Rookie of the Year award may also consider this long-established benchmark as being necessary to have played a sufficient amount of games to qualify…let’s hope not, but if someone like Troy Tulowitzki wins it, my guess is that it is because of playing time…and nothing else.