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Worst case scenario: Brewers swept in Philly

“And then depression set in.”  –Bill Murray in “Stripes.”
While the Packers were giving Brewers’ fans some comfort, the Brew Crew was losing in Philly, 7-3. To add insult to injury, Brewers’ fans were given one more bitter pill Sunday evening, as the Crew had to play a doubleheader to make up the rained out game on Friday evening…unfortunately, the Crew lost that game as well, 6-1, giving up their entire Wild Card lead in one series…to the team that was trailing them. To pour salt in the Brewers’ wounds, the Cubs’ beat the Astros that evening…in Miller Park…and celebrated Carlos Zambrano’s no-hitter in the Brewers’ locker room.
It is now a 12 game season…with half of the Brewers’ games against the Cubs.
Being 9 games back of the Cubs in the loss column for the NL Central crown, the Brewers would need help–and lots of it–to win the division crown. Suddenly, the Brewers now need to root for the Cubs today to help their Wild Card chances.
In the Wild Card race, the Phillies have 6 games against Atlanta, 3 against Florida…and finish up with 3 against the lowly Nationals. The Brewers, technically, still control their own fate–if the win every game, and the Phillies win every game, they would face the Phils for a one-game playoff…but it would be in Philly as the result of the coin toss. But with the way Milwaukee is playing, the Crew is now at the mercy of the Phillies’ opponents.
Oh, the Crew continues on the road for 3 games in Chicago on Tuesday…let’s hope they can find a way to exorcise the losing demons that have been haunting them.