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Yost bumps Sheets back

With Friday night’s rainout of ace Ben Sheets’ start in St. Louis, skipper Ned Yost has opted to move Sheets to Sunday, apparently because Sheets had warmed up too much to be ready for Saturday. So Saturday’s game, moved to a night game to increase the chances of avoiding a rainout, will have Jeff Suppan on the mound for the Crew…and Sunday’s scheduled starter, Chris Capuano, is bumped back to Monday against the Reds. What’s this all mean? Probably not too much…Sheets could, theoretically, wind up losing a start on the season…but rainouts are a part of the game and always requiring tweaking of rotations, and there are enough off days to adjust this. While Suppan is still going on 4 days rest, Sheets and Capuano will now each pitch on 7 days rest, while Bush, if he goes Tuesday night, goes on 5 days rest, while Vargas would also get 7 days…I doubt any extra rest would cause physical problems…but I could see some pitchers, possibly, thinking the extra layoff means that they have to change their pre-game warmups…and that might cause problems.