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Yost prefers 6

Skipper Ned Yost has solved the Yovani Gallardo dilemma: just add him to the rotation…yup, Yost is gonna try a 6-man rotation…for now.
What are some of the ramifications?
1. Fantasy owners ain’t going to like it…that means only one Brewers’ starter will make two starts per week…and that is only in weeks where there aren’t any days off.
2. But it may save the arms–Chris Capuano (who, you may recall, melted in the second half of the ’06 campaign) has already come out and said his stint on the DL has left him refreshed for the second half.
3. It could, theoretically, mean starters are able to go deeper into the game, so Yost will have to rely less on his ‘pen (good thing, too, as he’s short an arm there).
My take–it is an experiment worth trying–who knows? It might just work.