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Are You Not Entertained? Xichigan
That’s about all I have to say about The Game.
It was one of the best college football games I have seen in a long time. I think the 2006 game was a tad better because of the offensive explosion.
But Saturday’s game is definitely top 5, maybe top two.
I don’t have a lot more to say, so let’s jump right into the recap of things we wanted to see.
A good-looking win: I guess it’s up to your definition of “good looking,” but I say it looked pretty good to me. OSU was down and made a spirited comeback.
Curtis go crazy: When he touched the ball, good things happened.
Make Peppers salty: Jabrill Peppers made his first career interception but otherwise, he was a non-factor as far as I’m concerned.
Expose No. 5: Other than the interception, Peppers did nothing special on either side of the ball.
Expose Hairball: He did it himself with the on-the-field tirade and his post-game whining. But as far as game action was concerned, he did nothing to help the team win. Urban Meyer outcoached him when it mattered.
J.T.’s improved accuracy: He missed on a few passes and had a few drops. He still has some work to do.
Win the TO battle: Turnovers made the difference in this game with the pair of interceptions. The fumble on the two really didn’t hurt because on the ensuing drive OSU turned it over on downs after the fake punt failed and Michigan scored on the following possession.
Mike M.
A win: You got it.