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I was wrong, and other thoughts

I’ll start this off by admitting that I was wrong. After Game 3, I said that LeBron James’ dunk over Rasheed Wallace was the defining moment of this series. BOY, was I wrong! There’s a whole new set of defining moments, and in fact many are calling Game 5 the defining game of a career.

Other thoughts from last night;

– The series has run the same as last year, and we are in the same position. Last year we blew it. However, it is overwhelmingly clear that we are a better team than we were last year.
– Free throw shooting nearly killed us. We were 2-for-9 in the fourth quarter.
– We won that game with only two starters on the court at the end of the game. Ilgauskas fouled out, Gooden fouled out, and Larry Hughes had his night end early as his foot injury flared up. Our sixth man, Daniel Gibson, also fouled out.
– Yes, as I stated last night, King James now has a Palace under his control.
– As amazing as LeBron James was last night, we did try to spread the ball around. Sasha Pavlovic had three straight plays set up for him, and he missed all three shots. Anderson Varejao also had three separate plays set up for him inside, but two deflected passes and a fumbled ball ended those. LeBron James didn’t score 25 straight because he was selfish, he did it because he HAD to.
– Antonio McDyess deserves to be suspended for Game 6. I think he will sit the bench for his violent attack. It’s not so much for the shot to AVs throat, it’s the way McDyess spun and slammed Varejao to the ground.
– Did you see the way the Cavaliers coaches and assistants formed a wall in front of the players after McDyess’ assault? Ain’t no “Stoudemires” happening here tonight!
– The Pistons have always reverted to thug tactics when they get scared. In 1989, it was Rick Mahorn elbowing Mark Price’s head at midcourt. Last year it was Wallace slashing Z’s head open with his elbow. This year, we’re not going to take it anymore. We’ll just whip your ass on the court. Next time flash a gang sign, Pistons. It still won’t work. It just pissed off LeBron, and I think you saw what he did after that.
– Chauncey Billups hit a 60-footer right after the buzzer ending the third quarter. But he couldn’t hit a 6-footer when it matter the most.
Reading the Pistons blogs are funny today. “LeBron will never win a ring playing selfish ball like that” was the funniest comment. He just poured in 48 points on a double-team against the best defense in the league. Yeah, he’s overhyped. Smoke more weed, Turtle. Seriously. Smoke more weed.
– At least the Bulls best blog managed to squeak out a speck of praise. They’re scared about facing LeBron for the next 10 years, and they should be. Payback time for years of Michael Jordan are in your future, Bulls fans. And I was told not to expect Bulls blogs to start talking about the Cavaliers….hmmm, I guess that went out the window. Face it, you can’t help but talk about them now.
– Detroit has now played at home in Game 5 four consecutive times. They lost three of them (last night, two weeks ago against Chicago, and last year against the Cavaliers…they won Game 5 against Miami, then lost the series in 6).
– The Cavs are 6-1 at The Q in the playoffs, and they have won 15 out of 19 games overall.
– Detroit knows their time is up now. With the mini-emergence of Chicago and the Cavaliers making a run at overtaking the Pistons, the time at the top has all but dwindled to a close. Look for a serious rebuilding next year. I’ve heard rumors that Billups may bolt if they don’t make The Finals in 2007. Hopefully the retool leaves the biggest tool in place, Wallace. I’d love to see him have to play amongst a pack of scrubs for a couple of years.
– Again I ask….can anyone seriously tell me that LBJ is not the next Michael Jordan? Did Jordan ever score 25 in a row? Did anybody?
– Wherever you are for Game 6, be loud. If you’re in a restaurant with TVs, make sure everyone else knows you’re watching the game. They’ll get into it too. You’re witnessing history Saturday night. Enjoy it!
– By the way, the Indians beat the Detroit Tigers again last night, 11-5. That’s 4 in a row over the kitties from Michigan.
– This is still a Buckeye blog, so let me remind you….if the Cavaliers win this series, it is part of the saga that completes the ownership deal. Ohio will officially own Michigan. Ted Strickland will call Jennifer Granholm to demand surrender Monday morning.