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Kudos and Clothing!

With the crap-tacular showing by Butler’s Bulldogs last night, we begrudgingly offer congratulations to  UConn’s Huskies, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Champion.

More importantly, though, is the conclusion of tBBCBC, where Kriswitha_k correctly predicted a finals appearance by Calhoun’s Corps, and won the tournament with 77 points.  In second place was WorriedSick, who managed two of the Final Four, but lost points in the earlier rounds.

This screams “Winner”

Kris wins the Threebler shirt as well as a chance to guest post here on the mothership- drop us an email with your address and shirt size and we’ll hook you up.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Fresh Brewed Tees–  They’ve also been getting a ton of love from the media for their “Not In Our Garage” shirt following last week’s Lebroncalypse.

No huge surprise, but Eric finished highest amongst your humble correspondents, with yours truly finishing second.  Jim finished third, which is kind of like VCU making the final 4 given his preference for football coverage- he’s definitely a renaissance man.

Congrats to the winners (and by that, we mean “everyone who played”). Be on the lookout for more giveaways and partnerships in the coming months!