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Public Enemy #1

No, this is not a post about how much I love a rap band from the 80s. It’s an update on what MaliBuckeye published an hour ago.

Meet Ralph Gray Decker.


According to some great journalistic work by Ken Gordon of the Columbus Dispatch, he’s the guy who assaulted Tyler Moeller in July, which led to Moeller having seizures and missing his entire junior season of college football at The Ohio State University. According to reports, he assaulted Moeller simply because he found out that Tyler plays for Ohio State.

In other words, he’s an asshole.

And the more you find out about Decker, the bigger of an asshole he gets.

The Pinellas County Clerk Of Courts knows all about who he is. They have 7 separate cases in which he is named the defendant.

He’s been charged with a second-degree misdemeanor with his charge of simple battery of Moeller, but the talk abound is that it’ll be upgraded to a felony after the condition of the victim is entered into court proceedings. Add that to the fact that he’s not been a saint for any part of his adult life.

In 2005, he was charged with illegal use of a SPEAR GUN in a prohibited area. Not to get into a gun control debate here at The BBC, but are there actually places in Florida where it’s NOT prohibited to use a friggin’ spear gun?

In 1999, it was a charge of Grand Theft.

That same year, it was burglary.

But at least he started off small. In 1998, he was charged with salt water fishing without a license, and failure to display a dive flag.

This guy is bad news, and he needs to see some serious jail time over this. However, I’m not feeling too confident in that guilty verdict sending Decker up the proverbial river….especially when you note that he paid a 220 dollar fine for his fishing infraction, and only a 31-dollar fine for the spear gun. Ass-backwards, anybody?

May the Pinellas County Prosecutor’s office actually take this one seriously. Decker’s been in front of a judge for several crimes…it’s time he actually serve a jail sentence.

And may his cellmate be a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes.


UPDATE – Some of the guys at Bucknuts have learned a lot more about Decker. And apparently, he’s scared. He has changed all of his social site entries to private, and scrubbed as much info as possible.

But the real estate agent we are getting to know so well isn’t as good at changing his name as he thinks. On this site, he tried to change his name to “Ryan Roberts”, but when you hover your cursor over his name, the URL clearly shows his name to be “Gray Decker”.

Not a smart guy, this character.


UPDATE #2 – The Penn State fans seem to have our backs on this one as well. Go read the comments at BlueWhiteIllustrated (a Rivals site)

Thanks Lion fans. We appreciate it.


  1. This guy is a complete asshole, and he deserves to have the book thrown at him to the fullest extent of the law for his actions…

    I just desperately hope that a fan doesn’t do it in some act of vigilante. That would do an incredible amount of harm to everyone involved – and even those not involved.


  2. I illegal use of a spear gun is a fishing law violation. Typically to close to the shore or near a jettison. Come on now it not a major crime.


  3. Doesn’t it seem a little odd Moeller was at a bar named Gators?? What was he doing there? Gatorscafe.com
    traitor? wanna be?


  4. It’s funny that Decker’s Active Rain phone #’s are 555. Plus, is that a Jesus Fish on the right side of his page??? And a gun-related offense? Man, can you get any more stereotypically southern?

    Dan, if you’re going to defend the fishing law/spear gun violation as not a major crime, at least write in complete sentences when you do it.

    V Zipper, how dare you suggest one of our players is a wannabe Gator?! GO F YOURSELF.