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tBBC Fans Interact: Maryland Turtle Soup; Lindsay, Jane and Diana Return

The Buckeyes rolled all over Maryland much in the same way they destroyed Nebraska and by the same score! It is a pleasure to call in the ladies that started the season off for us. Lindsay, Jane and Diana join us this week while one of theirs is recovering from being sick all week in Melissa. We miss you and hope you feel better soon!

(L-R Clockwise; Lindsay, Diane, Jane and Melissa
(L-R Clockwise; Lindsay, Diana, Jane and Melissa


The Buckeyes offense put up another 62 points and it’s happened in back to back weeks now. What’s been the difference in the last two weeks compared to the previous two when they struggled and why?

Lindsay -JT has made it known that he likes to “run” this offense up tempo. JT has been able to make check off’s, see the field, and hit guys down field. Our offensive line has allowed him the time he needs to make the right call. Our players are also doing a good job at blocking for their teammates, whether they get the ball or not, this teamwork makes this high potent offense very difficult to stop from scoring because they can hit you from any direction. Curtis Samuel getting hit with a deep pass in stride is there for the taking, please make this happen!!!

Jane – Pace of play is the difference. Prior to Nebraska and Maryland, the play calling was at a snail’s pace therefore the play on the field followed suit. Same plays called down after down, resulting in minimum gain. Additionally, Curtis Samuel is now being utilized, the O-line is giving JT more time which is opening up the passing game…and we all know our passing game was nonexistent. Jt shines when the play is running at a nice clip.

Diana – I feel like Urban got off his “Tressel ball” horse he was on for a few weeks and let the boys play. Less conservative and more loose. This offense is dynamic and he is putting the play-makers in the right position to succeed. The younger Bucks have also really stepped up and showed what they are about. Urban has shown we should expect this to continue.

The Silver Bullets are playing the way we would like them to. Much like the offense they have been almost perfect the last two weeks compared to the previous two. Is it the competition or did they turn it up a notch? Explain.

Lindsay -”Next Man Up” has made the competition on this team fierce. They know that if they aren’t getting their job done, another teammate is licking their chops waiting for that chance!!! Our defense may get thrown a few wrinkles, but our players and coaches have done a superb job the last few weeks on making the necessary adjustments. This team is proving that they can play with anyone in the country on either side of the ball!! Alabama isn’t the only defense in the country who knows how to score on defense 😉

Jane – This is a young team, the youngest in CFB. With more wins, the competition increasing and suffering a loss, I think, all plays a role in how they have developed into being a more cohesive group. Necessary adjustments are being made as needed and the Silver Bullets are implementing each change. They are now consistently living up to their name and truly shining.

Diana – The Silver Bullets are playing LIGHTS OUT! The defense has been the most consistent part of the team all season long.  I think seeing the offense score points helps and vice versa. It’s easy to play loose on defense when the offense is putting up points. As every Buckeye knows, this team can play with anyone in the country.

Curtis Samuel is playing at a higher level than the position he is playing was built for. Why is he being so much more successful in this offense than Harvin was?

Lindsay -The players that surround Curtis Samuel allow him the opportunity to explode on this offense!! He is a phenomenal player who can hit that second level from the point of go. He is following his blocks and waiting for the field to open up, and if it doesn’t open up, he is making the cuts necessary to gain extra yardage. The fact that he is a dynamite halfback and receiver makes his potential endless.

Jane – Curtis Samuel is now performing as we all thought he would if given the ball consistently.  Our O-line development is also a key to his success.As a halfback he shows patience and once he has an opening, he is difficult to catch as he bobs, weaves and his speed reaches its maximum potential. He is a natural at wide receiver with his speed, special awareness and soft hands. Harvin was talented, but Curtis is proving to be a force to be reckoned with and looks ripe to surpass what Harvin accomplished.

Diana – I feel like Curtis Samuel’s skill set is broader than Percy Harvin’s was. His hands, his feet, his speed, his head, his heart, his will…. ALL better than Percy Harvin. A dynamic play-maker who seems to have a knack for the big moment. Just another in a long line of special players who have played for Urban Meyer.

BONUS 1) how has this team played at the level it has in spite of losing fifteen players to the NFL?

Lindsay -Urban Meyer has made it known from the second these players are recruited that there will be competition and an opportunity to play as a true freshman and to be a vital part of this team. Knowing that your coach expects those things from you creates an environment of hunger. Urban also makes sure that the departing players are passing the torch on to the younger players, coaching them up and helping them learn their position. The family atmosphere that Urban and our other coaches have created at OSU is outstanding, that alone breeds success. We are an engine that is nowhere close to slowing down, so either jump on or get off the tracks!!!

Jane – Recruiting gurus, including Larry Johnson that knows the East coast talent. Ultimately, it is Urban Meyer and his genius at not only recruiting, but his ability to develop the talent he acquires.

Diana – One name. URBAN MEYER. Talent Lord.

BONUS 2) what are your predictions for Sparty this week?

Lindsay -This team is peaking at the right time of the year, and as Woody says “October is for pretenders, November is for contenders”, this team will be a contender. I predict another big offensive scoring day and a stout defensive game, I will say 45-7.

Jane – Though Sparty has been sputtering the last…eh, 7 weeks,  I think we can always expect a battle. That being said, the Buckeyes should dominate and bring us home at least a 2 touchdown win! Remember that after you cross that finish line….”hold the ball tight and hug a big guy!”

Diana – If only Sparty was on the same level as last year. I was hoping for a payback game, but I’ll settle for another dominant win. Buckeyes win 38-10. There’s no stopping these boys now!