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Dodgers Get Nolasco, Take Brian Sabean’s Lunch Money, As They Continue to Ascend in the NL West

The Los Angeles Dodgers just demonstrated their complete commitment to move up the NL West food chain and fight for a spot in the 2013 playoffs.

And to get it done, they got to climb over the backs of the rival San Francisco Giants.

On July 6th the Florida Marlins traded veteran starter Ricky Nolasco to the Dodgers for three mid-level minor league pitchers and a used rosin bag.

Los Angeles will also pay the Marlins the approximately $5 million left on the $26.6 million three year deal Nolasco got from the Marlins in 2011.

In getting Nolasco the Dodgers added a critical piece to their injury-shredded starting rotation as their 2013 Resurrection Tour continues up and down the National League West.

Don't get me wrong. Ricky Nolasco is not Justin Verlander (or even Yovani Gallardo), but the Dodgers needed starting pitching help and Nolasco was the best available. But no matter how well Nolasco ends up performing the rest of the season the Dodgers gave their fanbase notice that they will do whatever it takes to win.

San Francisco Giants' GM Brian Sabean, on the other hand, stood off to the side mumbling to anyone who would listen that the Giants tried to snag Nolasco but, you know, they have a tight budget and, ah, the Giants were afraid they would get taken advange of by having to give up valuable prospects from their award-winning minor league system as part of a Nolasco deal.

So the Los Angeles Dodgers get the starting pitcher they had to have to gain credibility and continue to win baseball games. Happily for LA they will also have an excellent opportunity to sign Nolasco to a multi-year deal beyond 2013.

Despite dozens of missteps by the new Dodger ownership group the past year, including flushing millions of dollars down various rat-holes, this time they got it right. GM Ned Colletti legitimately improved the franchise and at the same time further weakened the stumbling Giants.

And what about your San Francisco Giants?

No doubt, after hearing about the Nolasco deal, the Giants' lead owner probably took a moment in his executive suite at AT&T Park to sit down in his overstuffed leather chair, swirl brandy in an oversized glass, and gently stroke a large white cat– happy that once again the team held the money line and saved a few bucks.

The last time they saved money and patted themselves on the back was in January when they didn’t sign the run-producing left fielder the team obviously needed. And how has that worked out?

Hey! Maybe Bud Norris, Roy Oswalt, or Miguel Tejada are still available.