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Giants Finish the Season with an Unbelievable Schedule… on Paper

Despite their chronically deficient offense, the crippling injuries to key players, and the surprising surge by the Arizona Diamondbacks, the San Francisco Giants have reason to believe they can take the National League West title.

That case of 1998 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet the Giants ownership sent to the guy who set up the 2011 MLB schedule last January was totally worth it. The Giants will play the final 37 games this way:

>31 games against sub-.500 teams, 6 against the D’Backs who they need to meet and beat.
> 7 games against a sub-.400 team (Houston). 
> 21 games at AT&T Park, 16 on the road.

Here are the overall records of the teams the Giants will play and their records against the Giants:

Team Remaining games
vs. Giants
2011 record 2011 record vs.
SF Giants
San Diego Padres 8 56-70 .444 4-6
Houston Astros 7 40-84 .323 0-0
Colorado Rockies 7 58-67 .464 4-7
LA Dodgers 6 56-67 .455 5-7
Arizona D’Backs 6 69-55 .556 4-8
Chicago Cubs 3 54-70 .435 3-3
Total 37 333-413 .446 20-31 .392

On paper, as the ancient saw goes, the Giants project out to 22-15 to close the season, finishing at 89-73. Arizona would have to close their season at 21-17 to win 90 games– exactly the pace they’ve play so far this year.

But not so fast. Arizona also has a decent schedule to finish up the 2011 season. Of their 38 remaining games, 29 are with sub-.500 teams. And the Snakes have 10 games with the San Diego Padres, who will have a huge say in who ultimately wins the NL West. The Pads face San Francisco and Arizona 18 times between now and October.

So what we have here is the very definition of an cutting edge division race to close the regular season. And everyone knows that scissors always beats paper.