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Planning a Ball Parks Tour? Check Out Zerve

Are there any baseball fans who haven't dreamed of making a classic ballparks tour? And I'm guessing those lucky enough to have done any kind of ball yard road trip wouldn't mind planning another one.

For me, going to different MLB parks is also an opportunity to get to know cities and to experience locations that are off the usual tourist grid.

As a brilliant writer once wrote in a blog, "Discovery is the essence of travel". (Note to self: hang out with that dude more!)

Zerve is a unique on-line travel group that takes a different approach to experiencing new places. Or even getting to know your own city or neighborhood a lot better.

The good people at Zerve ask me to contribute an agonizingly short piece on what to do and where to go in SoMa before or after taking in a Giants game at AT&T Park.

Whether you're coming to San Francisco from out out of town, across the Bay, or the remote Richmond District, hanging in the South of Market beats tourist-infested Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square in so many ways. (Nothing against tourists– several of my closest friends are tourists.)

Everyone has their favorite baseball stadiums, and there's a zillion top 10 (or top 20, or top 30, etc.) lists infusing the greater internet cloudisphere. In thinking about where baseball is played, I find that clashing loyalties are often mitigated by experiencing exciting cities. For example: while I intensely dislike the Dodgers, I love LA. 

Check out Zerve's "The 5 Best Ballparks in the USA" list.

When attempting to describe all the possibilities that greater SoMa offers, 150 words can't scratch the surface. I could do another 1,000 words and just begin to cover the great bars, culinary spots, clubs, food trucks, wine shops, museums, and cool places to walk.

Another article for another time.