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Problem Solved: SF Giants 25 Man Play-off Roster

There’s a lot I do in this world. I routinely have a great deal of ground to cover, and a large number of tasks to complete on any given day. Great men seek my counsel, beautiful women want to be with me, small children are comforted by my very presence. Somehow, problems seem to find me even in my sleep. But I deal with it… all of it.

And so to the daunting crisis facing the San Francisco Giants on the eve of their post-season challenge to best the Atlanta Braves in the 2010 National League Division Series.

Which Giant players to take to the fight, and which players to leave behind? Emotions run high as Manager Bruce Bochy and General Manager Brian Sabean dread telling players who have been with the team since April they are not going to be chosen to join the group ascending the highest mountain top. Sports-talk radio hosts wince and play along as callers offer wildly illogical scenarios, while fans in bars argue who should stay and who should go over cheap beer that mass advertising has led them to believe is actually served at banquets. It’s a damn crazy world.

But, once again, I’ll take care of everything. Problem solved, and you’re welcome.

The Giants’ bus can carry 25 players to the Division Series. Management has wisely stated that 11 of those players shall be pitchers. Let’s take a look at the correct selections here:

Four starting pitchers
1. Tim Lincecum
2. Matt Cain
3. Jonathan Sanchez
4. Madison Bumgarner
The top four starters. Barry Zito left off the roster.
Seven relief pitchers
5. Brian Wilson
6. Sergio Romo
7. Santiago Casilla
8. Jeremy Affeldt
9. Javier Lopez
10. Ramon Ramirez
11. Chris Ray
Closer Wilson, set-up man Romo, bridge righties Casilla and Ramirez, bridge lefties Affeldt and Lopez, sinkerball/DP man Ray.
Two catchers
12. Buster Posey
13. Eli Whiteside
Five infielders
14. Aubrey Huff 1B
15. Freddie Sanchez 2B
16. Juan Uribe SS
17. Pablo Sandoval 3B
18. Mike Fontenot 2B/3B/SS back-up
Five outfielders
19. Andres Torres CF
20. Pat Burrell LF
21. Jose Guillen RF
22. Cody Ross (LF/CF, PH)
23. Nate Schierholz (RF, PH)
Two pinch hitters
24. Travis Ishikawa LH
25. Edgar Renteria RH

Well, gotta go now… have to get all the other final post-season rosters out to each of the other teams by late tonight.