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San Francisco or St. Louis: Who Has the Better Pitching Staff?

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the rough and tumble baseball debates hosted by the good people at Around The Horn BaseballThe issue is which team has the better pitching staff– the SF Giants or the St. Louis Cardinals. My esteemed opponent was the brilliant but volatile Aaron Hooks at Cards Diaspora. His blog site is a great read and you should bookmark it.

Apparently Aaron recently completed his county work release obligations (and thanks Aaron, the local litter-free highways have never looked better), so he can devote all his time to MLB blogging. And I have to give him credit, we went toe-to-toe in our debate and neither one of us gave much ground. Of course I won hands down, but the point is not who is the better man with the bigger junk (me), or who knows more about baseball (me), it’s about getting in the arena and having a healthy exchange of ideas. And maybe next time we’ll do that.