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The 2010 Annual Giants Cove Top 20 Players List

Here is the Giants Cove Annual Top Twenty Players List for 2010. If you have either the Comcast Extra Innings TV package, or the MLB Live package, find the games these guys are playing in, sit back and watch perfection. If you are in a fantasy or draft league, and any of these players are available when your turn comes up during any round, immediately grab him.

Notes: this is a list of offensive players, the Giants Cove Annual Top Twenty Pitchers List for 2010 comes out later this week. And, following a tradition first begun some sixty years ago, all Giants Cove top twenty lists consist of 21 players.

              1.  Albert Pujlos STL 1B
              2.  Hanley Ramirez FLA SS
              3.  Alex Rodriguez NYY 3B
              4.  Ryan Braun MIL OF
              5.  Mark Teixiera NYY 1B 
              6.  Miguel Cabrera DET 1B
              7.  Evan Longoria TAM 3B
              8.  Ryan Howard PHI 1B
              9.  Matt Kemp LAD  OF
            10. Troy Tulowitzki COL SS
            11. Chase Utley PHI  2B
            12. Ian Kinsler TEX  2B
            13. Prince Fielder MIL 1B
            14. Matt Holliday STL OF
            15. Pablo Sandoval SFG 3B
            16. Joe Mauer MIN  C
            17. Justin Upton ARZ OF
            18. David Wright NYM 3B
            19. Kendry Morales LAA 1B
            20. Adam Jones BAL OF
            21. Justin Morneau MIN 1B