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The Real Symbol of the 2010 SF Giants: the Red Thong

Sure, the main theme of the 2010 season for the San Francisco Giants and their fans has been “Torture”. Close games, not enough hitting, weird stuff happening all the time. But there’s another symbol that represents the heart and soul of this team in a very special way as they charge to the National League Championship Series: Aubrey Huff’s red thong.

It’s red, it’s unfortunately very tiny, and (yes) it is a thong worn for good luck by the 6’4″, 234 pound Giants first baseman. And very often in the Giants clubhouse, that’s all Huff is wearing.

Some teams have a lightning bolt, or a screaming eagle, or a sock as their official symbol. The Giants have a red thong.

Kudos to Ashkon Davaran for this way sick reminder of that very uncomfortable fact: