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Internationally Exclusive 2012 World Series Preview: Discover the Lies that Reveal the Half-Truths

This Copywrited Exclusive MLB Content Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else on the Net or on Actual Pieces of Paper! And it's Not Free!
Well maybe it is free. And I'm going out on a limb here and suggest there are probably few articles, stories, or blogs about the upcoming World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers that have anything original or new to say.

So in general all the stuff you're reading about the Series –everywhere– is rehashed, repackaged, or just directly copied from other previously replicated material. But that certainly won't stop me.

Beyond the Leather
I'm going to break down the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers in ways that will make it damn hard for anyone to put them back together. I will be conducting a major deconstruction of the World Series that will tear it all down and spread it all out. Everything you know about these teams will literally be all over the place. Then we'll spend days, maybe weeks, trying to put it back together.

And I know there will be pieces left over, but you like things broken down and redone, right? 

Inside the Backside of Baseball
I'll be going so deeply into the inner workings of this story you'll be lost and crying for your mama, or at least for some authority figure to assist you in exiting. This is Insider Baseball from someone on the outside who sees the interior of the game so clearly that no artificial lighting is required. My contacts in the game know the game, and those who know the game rarely contact me.

The Giants Cove Has Numbers You Haven't Seen Anywhere Else
I mean, really, have you seen the number 11,521 in any article, story or blog about the 2012 World Series? I didn't think so. The stats uncovered by The Giants Cove team of elite researchers reveals so much about the Giants and Tigers it will make Sabermetrics look like one of those "Jitterbug" cellphones for old people.

My one-of-a-kind content will lay everything out and connect all the dots for you using a #2 pencil, leaving me the option of unconnecting any dots I may have screwed up.

Giants Cove Information is Information You Can Take to the Bank
Although the bank doesn't usually handle information storage, there are no laws I'm aware of that prevent you from actually walking into a bank with a box of information. The current rate of exchange for Giants Cove information is running at 3 1/2 cents per ton, or 87,000 Italian quatros per ounce.

Warning: your banking experience may not be typical of people who actually bank money. May cause sexual dysfunction after 6PM on the weekends, or blinding headaches if you accidently bump your head. Do not consume food or water within 72 hours of having contact with Giants Cove information.

We Have the Baseball News You Want Where You Want It
I understand there is now a medical procedure that can permanently remove baseball news from where you thought you wanted it. And most people go on to live happy and productive lives. But sooner or later you and I both know you'll want to reinsert that baseball news and content– it just feels so damn good.

The Giants Cove's History of Accurate Predictions is Stunning
For just $25 a week I will stop sending you my exclusive "Giants Cove MLB Game Prediction" emails. And, if you order in the next 20 seconds, I'll also stop sending my "Hot Pick Specials of the Week" that very often are more about dog grooming than Major League Baseball.

A lot of people have made a lot of money after they've signed up to receive The Giants Cove "Click-to-Pick World Series Winners". Apparently they later go into business and do well, or they inherit a large sum of money from a deceased family member. So don't wait!

As a bonus for Giants Cove readers, for the first time ever I am publishing the scores of each of the 2012 Giants-Tigers World Series games: 8-3, 2-1, 8-4, 4-2, 9-7, and 3-1. That's right, it's a 6 game series. You can thank me later.