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Draft Profile: Damyean Dotson

Damyean Dotson: Shooting Guard, Houston – turns 24 next May

Measurables: 6-6, 209 lbs., 6-9 wingspan

Strengths: Shooting, Scoring, Length, Rebounding, Defensive Potential

Weaknesses: Playmaking, Defensive Discipline

Conclusion: Having transferred from Oregon to his hometown Houston, Dotson saw more of the spotlight as a bigger fish in a smaller pond, but now he’ll have to go back to being a smaller fish in a bigger pond. Dotson is the type of confident shooter who will more than occasionally run to the three-point line on the break as opposed to the rim. Like some players who fit that description though, Dotson doesn’t usually initiate contact on offense, instead shying away from it despite being very good at creating shots for himself. Defensively, he is a moldable athlete with potential, and he should receive plenty of opportunities to prove his worth in the summer league whether he’s selected in the draft or not.

Projection: Undrafted in Ilia Shatashvili’s most recent mock draft

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