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TLM Podcast: 2017 NBA Mock Draft

Fellow mafia members Ilia Shatashvili and Joshua Cornelissen join me for this edition of The Lottery Mafia podcast.

As you are likely already aware, there has been a massive shakeup at the top of the order, and we will try to do an emergency pod before the draft on Thursday. Nevertheless, there’s more than enough chatter about the top-level talents in here, so if you’re interested in hearing what we think about the various prospects (and lotto teams) give it a listen. P.S. We’ll try to keep it shorter in the future.

Intro, Josh is on the clock (1:07), Lakers and Lonzo (4:35), Ilia begins his Philly filibuster at No. 3 (12:35) Phoenix Suns selection (28:00), Sacramento Kings (40:00), Orlando Magic (51:00), Minnesota Timberwolves (57:13), New York Knicks (1:06:40), Dallas Mavericks (1:14:00), Sacramento Kings (1:29:00), Charlotte Hornets (1:35:40), Detroit Pistons (1:43:00), Denver Nuggets (1:48:50), Miami Heat (1:55:00), Portland Trail Blazers and beyond (2:00:50)

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