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Oilers Postgame: Wet Farts

That wasn’t good.

Every game left this season is a must-win. And in a must-win game, you gotta win.

The Oilers didn’t.

The Kings scored on the first shot of both the first and second periods. The Oilers made a game of it and tied it up, but the Kings went ahead 3-2 on a challenged goal (they got it right, regardless of how many consecutive challenges the Oilers have lost). Then LA scored two empty net goals and it ended 5-2.

A loser point would’ve felt better, somehow.

The Good

  • Connor did some magical things and he’s starting to play with a bit of an edge. It’s kind of great to see.

The Bad

  • Being scored on early in two periods. If they want to win games they have to score early and often and tonight just wasn’t the night.

The Ugly

  • Pretty much everything. It was a lacklustre effort from start to finish, punctuated by some flashes of brilliance.

The Takeaway

This team isn’t good.

Also Bob Stauffer acknowledged that putting Connor and Leon on the same line weakens lines 2-4.

We’re in the upside down.

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