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Slava Voynov Should Not Be An Oiler

Regardless of what you think of people needing a second chance or whatever, and regardless of Voynov’s potential to add to the Oilers roster, there is no way the Oilers should sign him.

There’s no need to add anyone who plead no contest to assault to this organization. Period. End of Statement.

The Oilers organization is already a tire fire. Signing someone like Voynov would only make it worse.

Ed.: I can’t even believe this is a thing that has to be said.

23 thoughts on “Slava Voynov Should Not Be An Oiler

  1. You bleeding hearts keep your crying to the meto propaganda and politics. Sports is about winning and losing and the oilers are losing with the roster they have now if the kid can make a difference sign him . Go cry over some poor secretary that gave a bblow job but 20 years later regrets it.


    1. Hey Dez, maybe try to be less of a douche!
      What an absolutely asinine thing to say.
      Your opinion is only valid in a public forum if you can present it as a grown-up.

      I’m sorry for this child’s behavior here, Megan… I blame trump.
      *face palms*


    2. I’m not even sure where to start with this incoherent mess, so perhaps I’ll just say this: the Oilers don’t need Voynov on the ice, and they certainly don’t need him off the ice. He should stay in Russia forever.

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  2. Wow Megan, you must be an american. he paid for his mistake and to say someone is lesser because he made a mistake goes to show how this world works. Totally lost all respect for your writing.


  3. Heaven forbid that you should ever make a mistake. Who the hell are you to judge? Sometimes good people make bad decisions. Does that mean they should fall prey to the judgement of self-righteous (and very likely) ill-informed arrogance?

    The validity of your indictment is reflected in the thoughtfulness of your argument. Learn how to write and don’t be such an asshole!


    1. A mistake? Guy committed a felony and beat the piss out of his wife. That’s more than a mistake, that’s a crime. I don’t care if he got deported and lost out on millions, he doesn’t deserve the right to play in the NHL after what he did. It’s inexcusable and an example should be made with him.

      The fact you can sit here and call someone self-righteous for not wanting a criminal and bad person says a lot more about you Dick (what a fitting name) than anyone else. Voynov is a criminal and can rot in Russia for all I care. You wanna throw out any kind of morals because he might be able to score a few on the powerplay, then that’s your prerogative. Don’t have to be such a dick, even if it is your name.


      1. So, let’s bring the discussion down to name calling huh? My point is pretty straightforward; why would the writer feel they have the right to pass judgement on another human being?

        If you can clear the venom from your acid tongue, perhaps you can speak with some thoughtfulness. Maybe you could see that was my point; not whether this guy was a piece of shit. There was no mention of any facts, just her judgement. That was my point.

        Incidentally, when you read the apparent account of the events from the victim (noted below by someone that took a moment to source some information relevant to the discussion), it might give an open minded person cause to pause for a moment. That’s what thinking people do so, maybe that would be asking too much of you and the writer.

        So, as long as we are “discussing” this issue on your terms; apparently the name Dick is laughable (?), FUCK YOU! I love the fact that you have the “courage” to speak so tough from behind the comfort of your keyboard. So typical of a weak, judgemental fool!


  4. Why are you not jumping all over Craig Mactavish and wanting him out of the oilers organization as he has had a felony charge against him, or is it because of the type of felony voynov has?in that case that would make you a hypocrite. When you make a statement make sure you have all the facts to back.


  5. You ppl are all crap human beings. The dude literally beat his wife severy. He doesn’t deserve a second chance in this league. End of story. This is not just a “mistake” or a “bad decision” it’s an act that deserves zero tolerance. If you tolerate this type of violent behavior in any way you are a crap human being. There’s no debate on this.

    Can he go make a living somewhere? Sure but you lose your privilege to make money by being in.yhe spot light in any decent organization.

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  6. 4enzix are you a friend of Megan. you better get the facts straight.
    he lost 19.2 million, 2 months in jail and deported. i think he has paid a hefty price for what he did. he apologized and his wife even made a statement ” She claims Voynov was trying to go to sleep, but she kept pressing the issue and got physical … squeezing his shoulders and yelling, “No, I want to talk more.” Marta says he only pushed her when she refused to get out of his face. That’s when — as we’ve previously reported — she claims she turned and smashed her head into a flat screen TV in their bedroom.

    In the letter, she describes how profusely she was bleeding and says, “I started yelling because it hurt quite a bit and I was very worried about whether I was going to need stitches and worried about how it would look.” She says they decided to go to the ER around 11:30 PM.

    Marta, whose first language is Russian … claims she repeatedly told a police officer Slava did not try to kill her, and she was not afraid of him. As we’ve told you … she and Slava believe the officer did not understand her because her English is so poor.

    In fact, during a hearing Monday … police testified the she had said Voynov punched, kicked and choked her. So, it appears there was a communication gap … or someone’s lying.

    Marta ends the letter by pointing out she’s “heard about other athletes on the news” who did things that Slava didn’t … yet they were not charged. She’s clearly referring to Ray Rice … who got a pretrial intervention program instead of being prosecuted for punching his then-fiancee.

    Despite her objection … Voynov has been charged with felony domestic violence.

    so lets get all the facts before you judge.


      1. the only help that is needed here is the crazy notion that i am insinuating its her fault. it is not her fault and he paid for his mistake end of story. move on from your higher than mighty attitude.


      2. ” She claims Voynov was trying to go to sleep, but she kept pressing the issue and got physical … squeezing his shoulders and yelling, “No, I want to talk more.” Marta says he only pushed her when she refused to get out of his face.”

        Presenting this quote is insinuating it’s, at the very least, partially her fault. If you don’t understand that you actually do need to seek help.


  7. lol thats all a really sad rationalization for covering for domestic violence. I judge people who violently attack other people, especially people weaker than them. Its not a matter of comparing violence of other atheletes and that is a pathetic arguement to make.

    0 tolerance. (repeat until it sinks in)

    You lose your chance to be in the show when you make this choice. I have 0 problems judging someone who hit their wife. I don’t care the particulars of the legalities of it all.

    0 tolerance. Because anything that isn’t that is tolerance of domestic violence. I am ok with that position, are you ok with your bullshit equivocation?


      1. The only question is why you’d be ok tolerating and level of domestic violence and blaming the victim? Says a lot about you, none if it good.


  8. Rushing to judgement on someone is awful. What Voynov did was an absolutely beastly, despicable thing to do. But maybe he’s changed. I don’t know him so I certainly won’t judge him.


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