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Top Ten Oilers Moments of 2017: Leon’s Stayin Alive

The number four moment of 2017 for the Edmonton Oilers comes at the hands of the Anaheim Ducks. After the Ducks stunned Edmonton to comeback from down 3-0 with only three minutes left in regulation to steal game five, the Oilers had their backs against the wall for game six in Edmonton.

The Oilers would waste no time building another lead in this game, as Leon Draisaitl scored twice in the game’s first ten minutes. This time, the Oilers wouldn’t lose the lead, in fact they would run it up to six goals en route to a 7-1 victory to keep the season alive.

Draisaitl’s two early goals weren’t his only contribution to this game. Leon would complete the hat-trick late in the second period and would add two assists to complete a five-point game.

Edmonton would lose game seven just a few short nights later, but Edmonton’s dominance on this Sunday afternoon easily ranks up there with the best moments of the year. Leon Draisaitl was without doubt the catalyst for this moment.

We’ll be back with moment number three tomorrow!

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