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A Pens fan may or may not have got his ass kicked last night at Nationwide Arena

This first round series has seen the Columbus Blue Jackets attempt an assault and battery in almost every game. In Game 1, Matt Calvert broke a stick across Tom Kuhnhackl’s torso. Last night, Kyle Quincy did the same to Evgeni Malkin.

The Pens, to their credit, have walked away — for the most part — from a lot of these transgressions. A Pens fan at Nationwide Arena last night, on the other hand, not so much…

Well, he *tried* to walk away. Then run away. Then walk again. Then they caught him and now I don’t think he’s walking at all.

So let’s break this down: The big guy who got punched didn’t seem like he was initially involved. He just kind of joins the scrum as the third man in, which really makes me question the judgement of this Pens fan. Of all the people involved with this, the Pens fan went right for the biggest guy. Major lack of composure there. Bad decision making all around, but if you’re the type of guy who is going to punch and run, doing that to the biggest animal in the barn probably isn’t the best decision. The look on the guy’s face is one of immediate regret, and rightfully so. Blue Jackets fans have been taking punches for years, and this big dude wears it like a fucking champ.

We don’t see any video evidence, but apparently this didn’t end well…

Yikes. Can’t say the same thing wouldn’t happen at PPG if the roles were reversed. Good chance a fan of an opposing team would catch a saxophone to the dome if they tried running out of PPG with a group of Pens fans in hot pursuit. Just how it goes.


If you’re going to punch someone, do not — do fucking not — punch the guy who may or may not be an extra in Sons of Anarchy.

If you’re going to punch someone and run away, actually run. Don’t stop for a security gate. Don’t look back to see if an arena full of people who already knew the hated you are still coming after — they are.

Most importantly: If you’re in enemy territory, maybe just keep your hands to yourself.

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