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Chris & Dan: We’re Living in Ryan Reaves’ World Now

It was a weird start to the season… The Penguins showed us their best, their worst, and a lot in between. For one, they got embarrassed in Chicago. However, they bounced back with a dominant game against Nashville. We break down both games and all the storylines that came with them, like Ryan Reaves and his goal + two fights, Annti Niemi’s debut, Ian Cole’s blocked shot, Nick Bonino’s return, and changes throughout the lineup.

We also dive into the Penguins trip to the White House, followed by thoughts from around the NHL. Will Toronto be a contender in the East this year? Will Ovechkin be a legitimate 50-goal scoring threat? Will the Devils, Golden Knights, or Red Wings be “in the mix” for the playoffs this year? All that, and more, in our latest episode!

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Also, check out Pat and Leah’s latest episode, The Claw Machine.

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