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Does Mark Streit Have Cankles?


I gotta be honest, the moment I saw this picture yesterday my “Cankle Radar” went off. Like almost immediately. Without even thinking twice, I tweeted this out trying to embrace a debate amongst all 15 of my twitter followers.

…And crickets.

Not even one response (besides my own lolz). Not even one, “No, Peep. He obviously doesn’t have cankles, you fuckface.” Perhaps maybe it’s because Mark Streit actually doesn’t have cankles? Or maybe it’s because of that whole I only have 15 twitter followers thing? Whatever the reason, I’m not sure. But I still wasn’t sold I was wrong about my observation.

So you know what I did? I shot over a text to Rich Miller.

That guy. You know, the guy who runs the Pensblog and who also doesn’t like eating outside, yet has a twitter avatar of himself sipping a glass of red while presumably eating outside (You don’t drink wine and NOT eat anything with it, folks. That’s just a fact.).

My boss, technically (although I’ve never met him in person). Anyways, here’s the text I sent him:


Initially, I was like “Ah, fuck. He’s right. I can’t blog this.” But you know what? I did it anyways for two reasons:

  1. I’m a stubborn asshole who doesn’t like to be wrong. Like ever. I recently fought with my cousin just last week for like three days straight about how to correctly pronounce La Croix. Eventually I gave in, but there was a moment there where even I knew I was wrong after googling it, and I still argued with him about it. I’m an idiot, you see.
  2. I ALWAYS go with my gut. This is a little life hack I learned while taking ungodly amounts of standardized tests in high school and college. Literally, any time I went against my gut on a question, I always got it wrong. So naturally, I went against my gut A LOT. Alright, so maybe I don’t always go with my gut instinct. But this time I am (see reason 1 again: I’m a stubborn asshole).

So let’s take a further look at this medical mystery. Upon further examination, I can definitely see a little bit of bone in the left ankle.

But that right ankle? Yikes. Potential cankle city written all over it.

Verdict: I’m probably definitely wrong about Mark Streit having cankles.

This is still going to mess with my brain, though. Not often do you see an athlete that’s in peak physical shape with a set of canks. Maybe it’s just because he’s duck footed af, and I got duped because I’m a big idiot. Regardless, I still want your opinion on this. Does Mark Streit have cankles? Embrace the debate, folks. Besides, it’s August. What the fuck else do we have to talk about?


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6 thoughts on “Does Mark Streit Have Cankles?

  1. This does not fit my definition of cankles. The dude probably just has a lot more muscle around his ankles than your average human because he’s a pro hockey player. Also, it isn’t straight calf-to-foot.


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