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If the Penguins can’t trade Marc-Andre Fleury, they will buy him out

Everyone’s favorite Hockey insider, Blob McKenzie, appeared on NBCSN back on Wednesday to talk trades — most notably, the Penguins’ options with goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury…

First and foremost here: McKenzie emphasizes the obvious, that the Penguins’ top priority is a run at another Stanley Cup; if that means keeping Fleury as a security blanket to Matt Murray, which is really what’s best for business if we’re being logical about the situation. Also, to exemplify that losing Murray in the expansion draft is not a concern.

Now we can split hairs all day over who your dad thinks the best goalie is, but having a #1 and #1a for the long run just makes sense. Goalies seem to get injured every other week, and when the end goal is a realistic shot to repeat as Cup champions, who cares about trade return* or cap penalties** when you have two top-tier goalies at your disposal.

*-Pens aren’t getting shit.

**-It’ll be about $2 million until 2020-21.

So here is what we have to look forward to now:

Less goaltender trade speculation.

More ‘who should start’ speculation.

Who should start speculation reaching code red levels come April.

Plenty of “they should have started the other guy” takes after one playoff loss.

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