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Just A Friendly Reminder That There Were Many People Who Weren’t Excited About The Ryan Reaves Trade Back In June Despite His Shirsey Selling Like Hot Cakes At PPG Paints Arena

Last night was a big night to be a Ryan Reaves fan. In only his third game as a Pittsburgh Penguin, Reaves accomplished many of feats. For those of you may have missed the game (full game recap here, btw!), here’s a quick recap of how his night went:

  • He beat the piss out of Austin Watson.

  • He also beat the piss out of Cody McLeod!

  • He scored a goal! Also, for those of you keeping score at home, he’s now on pace to score 27 of these this year.

  • He threatened to murder every man on the Predators’ bench.

  • He came to Sidney Crosby’s aid after Scott Hartjoke attempted to decapitate Sid with his stick.

  • He may or may not have become best friends with back-to-back Stanley Cup champion Phil Kessel.

  • He did his postgame interview in a Steelers helmet (Can he also play quarterback?).

  • He was the first star of the night.

  • And finally, he waved to his haters!

Speaking of haters. Unfortunately, it’s not Thursday or else I could make this blog a little more appropriate with the old #TBT. However, you may recall it wasn’t very long ago that Penguins fans were a little, let’s say, skeptical of GMJR trading for Ryan Reaves. In fact, many people were displeased with the acquisition. Which is kind of ironic considering the fact that his shirseys are selling so fast that you can’t even purchase one at PPG Paints Arena.

Fuck indeed, Tony.

Anyways, in the spirit of good fun, I feel like now’s an appropriate time to revisit what some Penguin fans had to say about the Ryan Reaves trade back in June. I could very well be wrong about all this in a few months when Reaves scores less than five goals and becomes a liability on the fourth line, but as for now, I consider this a big win for the stay woke variety of Penguin fans who welcomed Ryan Reaves into Pittsburgh with open arms the moment they heard about the trade.



Perhaps a little @OldTakesExposed action from one of our employees? Never.

Have a great rest of your weekend, folks!

P.S. – Big thanks to @pghguyinva for digging up all these old tweets and giving me permission to use his content for the blog. It was a novel idea, and I know it took him some time to find all the tweets unlike taking a screenshot of some woman’s tits sitting behind the Penguins bench that anyone with two hands, a computer/smart phone, and half a brain could’ve accomplished.


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