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NHL Betting For Beginners

Sports betting, including ice hockey betting is just one of the numerous options available for people who are keen on gambling. If you are eager to try it out, we have prepared some NHL betting tips for you.

How to do NHL betting online:

First and foremost you have to find your online sportsbook. There are plenty of them, each offering big bonuses, fast withdrawals, unique props, great odds as well as customer support and user-friendly interface. For the beginning we recommend you to try to bet on hockey with Guts.
If you are going to do NHL betting on your phone, then you should find a service which can provide you with the corresponding mobile software.

What are the options for ice hockey betting?

Once you are into ice hockey betting, you should understand that NHL betting may differ a bit from betting in any other kind of sport. Don’t be afraid to search for more information about sports betting, including such details as NHL odds. In our list of NHL betting tips we would like to introduce you the most popular betting options.


Moneyline is probably the most widespread thing in NHL betting. As a rule, in ice hockey betting such wagers as traditional spread aren’t used and for that reason moneyline comes at the first place. This type of betting sets the amount a player will win on the $100 wager or the amount a player needs to wager in order to win $100. In this betting the team waged on has to win the game so that you will get your money.

Puck line:

Combining moneyline and a spread, puck line is similar to the run line in baseball. The hockey games are usually decided by one goal, so there are spreads of +1.5 and -1.5. Therefore the favorite has to win by two goals at least and the underdog team must not lose for two goals or more. Sometimes there are additional puck lines like +2.5 and -2.5.
Totals. Totals in ice hockey betting are similar to totals in any other type of betting. ‘Over/under’ numbers are set and a player has to wager on one of the sides. NHL odds in this case are usually set around the mark of five goals, however it can go both high up to 7.5 goals and low to 3.5 goals. If the game is expected to be high-scoring, the oddsmaker will adjust the vig of -140, otherwise the vig will be positive.

Grand Salami:

Grand Salami gives you an opportunity to feel the thrill throughout the whole day and spend the smallest amount of money at the same time as far as you wager on the total result of each game played that day. During this day there may be either over or under 58 goals so all you need to do is to decide which side to wager on.

These are just some of the wages which are used in NHL betting and you are free to use some other types if you like. The major thing in sports betting is to choose the reliable sportsbook and do not stick to only one scheme. Try various bets in order to find out what suits you most and then you’ll develop your own strategy of success.