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Our Old Friend, Nick Bonino, And His Wife, Lauren, Dressed Up As Autograph Seekers For Halloween And Asked Predators For Autographs

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. “But Peep, Bonino-Bonino-Bonino’s a Predator now. I can’t root for him anymore. He’s dead to me!”

Buddy, let me tell you. Nick Bonino can probably break wind in front of my 89-year old grandmother, and I’d still love him. That’s just a fact. What Bonino did in two years as a Penguin was more than Craig Adams did in seven. And Craig even won a cup!

If I’m being completely honest, though, all this video really does is make me depressed. And that’s not even because we still don’t have a decent third line center. It’s because Nick Bonino’s a fantastic human being with a decent sense of humor and a brain that says, “Shoot me up, please. I’m gonna go out there and skate with the Stanley Cup over my head on my broken leg.”

P.S. – Honorable mention to Jake Guentzel and Roberto Luongo for their Halloween costumes. Real recognize real.


P.P.S. – Fuck Ryan Ellis.


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