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Pens Avoid Arbitration With Brian Dumoulin, Re-Sign Him For 6 More Years

It’s not every day your team re-signs a 25-year old, two-time Stanley Cup champion defenseman who arguably hasn’t reached his full potential to a VERY reasonable six-year contract extension. And the best part is, the Penguins avoided a potentially ugly arbitration hearing today.

As you can see, the two sides were an Uncle Rico football throw away from each other. But at the end of the day, Dumo got close to what he wanted, and quite frankly, he deserves it. The guy’s been an absolute stud in the postseason for the black and gold over the past two years. He’s displayed durability by playing in all 49 playoff games, he’s contributed 14 points (which includes a point in both Stanley Cup Final elimination games), and he’s recorded a plus-6 rating. Did I also mention he’s 25 and has won two Cups?

On top of all those fancy stats, Dumo’s been a steady physical presence for a team that that prides themselves on their speed and skill. Don’t get me wrong, I think Marc-Andre Fleury deserves the majority of the credit for the Penguins Game 7 victory over the Caps in the 2nd round this past postseason. But if it wasn’t for Brian Dumoulin setting the tone real quick in the 1st period by wrecking Ovi’s life, things could’ve very well turned out differently.

So do yourself a solid and do what Brian Dumoulin would do to celebrate this joyous occasion today. Drink a lot of beers. Besides, you probably needed a valid excuse to drink and act like an asshole today anyways, am I right?

P.S. – Suck our dicks, Bud.

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3 thoughts on “Pens Avoid Arbitration With Brian Dumoulin, Re-Sign Him For 6 More Years

  1. I completely get the fact that he’s young and that he’s played well in the playoffs and that he’s the exact kind of defender this team needs to succeed and I feel he definitely deserves this money but the pens could of walked out of this paying him well under 4 million because he doesn’t put up points. Look I’m not trying to be a dick here but the pens are the kind of team that has to be very careful in their spending and every little bit counts. This is what happens when you draft 3 superstars and acquire another in the prime of his career. Once again I hate to be a prick here because Dumo definitely deserves it….ESPECIALLY after last years playoffs without Letang….but I have a feeling this may come back to bite them a little bit. My question is…if BD gets 4 million then how much is Sheary gonna get. It has to be between 5-6 million with the numbers he put up. Unlike Dumo though, an arbitrator is gonna hook Sheary up because of his numbers…leaving the pens with little to no cap space. Well if anything the pens have forged an amazing relationship with BD because I’m sure that he and his agent knew that without the points, he wasn’t gonna get what he wanted from an arbitrator so hopefully he takes that and evolves his offensive game because as of right now he HAS to be paired with a good offensive defenseman in today’s NHL to be worth anything. He’s been great with Letang and I’m sure he’d be good to great with Shultz, but he can’t anchor a pairing on his own so hopefully he can develop more point production so then if injuries arise again then he can be more versatile in terms of who he’s paired with.


  2. Dummo and Sheary have the same agent, it’s going to get interesting because I agree Sheary is going to be awarded north of 4 million. I think the Pens are going to trade for the 3rd line center and who knows who goes or stays. I’m looking forward to see what JR does to balance every thing out.


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