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Playoff Gameday: Stanley Cup Final Game 5



8:00 PM EST. NBC


The Pens return home tonight after Nashville held serve at home to tie the series at two. The two games in Nashville pretty much sucked the life out of all of us, and we are now staring down a best of 3 for Lord Stanley’s Cup

There are some silver linings though. It may not have shown in the final score, but you could make a pretty strong argument that game 4 was the Pens best of the series. They won the possession battle at all-situations, they had more high-danger chances than the Preds did, and if it wasn’t for some crazy bounces the Pens end up with 2-3 more goals. Trusting the process isn’t always the easy thing to do in a short series, but with the Pens trending towards stronger play in the offensive zone and returning to the Paint Can there’s some reason for optimism.

Another reason for optimism is it’s still the fucking Stanley Cup Final. Bad shit happens. Buck up buttercup.

The problems aren’t going away though, it’s gonna help if we all face that and then go buy life-alert to make sure we get through every Ron Hainsey shift. At this point the Pens D is icing 3-4 USS Hal Gill’s and we are just along for the ride. The Pens inability to have any sort of consistent transition game has shaped the series so far, and it really doesn’t seem like they’re gonna be able to change that, but at least they’re still generating some offense like I mentioned before.

Just think how Jacque Martin must feel watching this D group. If the Pens win this, they should give him some sort of lifetime achievement award that’s just like a giant gold plated band-aid

Lines: Letang is still dead no matter what TSN says. Keep an eye on Bonino’s status throughout the day. Lines don’t really matter because Sully’s got the blender out.



















So here we are, it feels like 6 weeks since the last time these two teams played. A thousand tiny controversies have come and gone and every dude with a mic in front of his face that talks about hockey is buying plane tickets to Nashville to get drunk at the Cup Parade. The last two games are a formality.

Fuck that shit.

The last time I looked you’ve still gotta win 4 and the Pens are the defending champions. Yeah they’re a little beaten down. We’ve reached the point in the match where the champ looks finished, head hanging in the corner, the challenger smells blood, but he doesn’t know what’s waiting for him in the next round, because champions fight. If ever there was a group that was going to go down swinging it’s this god damn Pens team.

The road to the Stanley Cup STILL travels through Pittsburgh.

So you’re going to have to excuse me with the doom and gloom excuses bullshit. Crosby is on PCP, Murray is going to be back in net tonight and be a brick-fucking-wall, the compete level of this team will be out of the building. Clutch your rosary, open another beer, do whatever it is you do just be ready when that puck drops tonight.

Get your mind right.


5 thoughts on “Playoff Gameday: Stanley Cup Final Game 5

    1. Perhaps…probably, even.
      I’ve thought a lot about 2009 during this series: defending champs won first 2 games at home, lost next 2 on the road, blew out the challenger in game 5 at home…then lost games 6 and 7 to the Pens. I hope we’re not living out the other side of that scenario this year.


    2. LMAO you’re up your own ass or you haven’t watched NHL playoffs before bud. I was at game 5 in detroit when we lost 5-0 in 2009, and guess what the next 2 games looked like. Even if we win tonight, nothing is over.


  1. That wasn’t a hockey game. That was a submission match. That’s the second game in this series that Rinne got hauled out for a sub .700 GAA, plus you have a misconduct AND a match penalty called that occurred out of pure frustration.

    After Crosby (rightfully) drilled Soupcan’s head into the ice, pretty certain that they’re all living rent free in Trashville’s collective heads.


  2. Well you called it bro. Murray was indeed a brick-fucking-wall and Crosby was in all out beast mode tonight. Look I’m not gonna get too crazy here cause the pens had a really really good game tonight and when you get 6 goals you win most the time but I have to leave my 2 cents for all the people preparing the parade in Nashville before this game. This years pens team isn’t like last years. Besides the injuries(especially to Letang) this team just isn’t as dominant as last years team. Last year they got balanced scoring but were absolute possession monsters. Every team they faced, the pens had the puck for most of the night. They didn’t always score but they kept the other teams from scoring because they always had the puck. This years team is VERY different. They aren’t dominant possession wise and have become more of a counter attack team. Last year you just knew they were eventually gonna pull it off because they dominated every series. This year I don’t get that same feeling. BUT…they still fight and have adapted to that by scoring more and their stars are showing up. This is why I think Mike Sullivan is one of the best coaches in the NHL. The pens haven’t faced a team like Nashville in the playoffs. Nashville is like a combo of all three teams they faced in the first 3 rounds but put all together. The first 3 games of the series the pens were outplayed and were lucky to actually win 2 of those games. But in game 4 even though they lost they looked great and were starting to figure it out…then the game tonight where they destroyed Nashville. This is all Mike Sullivan and the changes he’s made and his ability to adapt to his opponent on the fly. If Dan Blysma were still coach this would of probably been a Nashville sweep….actually they probably would of lost to Ottawa because that series took adjustments too. Look pens fans are spoiled with all the great players we’ve had and just knowing you have Sid and geno is always amazing and makes you count your blessings…but Mike Sullivan is a star too and we all should appreciate him as well. It’s not coincidence that he becomes coach and they win no matter the circumstance. This team is perfect for him because he can identify where changes need to be made and he has an elite team that can execute those changes on the fly. The pens have shown this whole year that th4y are by far the best team in the league even without their number 1 defenseman and other top players who’ve missed 20 or more games and it’s because of Sullivan. So it took 3 plus games but I think the pens and Sullivan have figured Nashville out and the next game or two will be nothing like the first 3 games in the series.


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