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R.I.P. To Kris Letang’s Ankles

Multiple concussions, a stroke, a herniated disc, and now this. Man, Kris Letang can’t catch a goddamn break. Physically, I’m guessing this means he’s going to be out at least a few months to give those ankles some time to heal. But mentally? This man’s head is fucked. It’s not every day you take a giant L when you’re in peak physical shape to a retired 43-year old football player who’s been out of the league for almost a decade now. Just absolutely devastating. Now, if you’d all be so kind, please join me in sending your thoughts and prayers to Kris Letang’s ankles. Because they could really use them now at this difficult time.


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2 thoughts on “R.I.P. To Kris Letang’s Ankles

  1. Where is this underground facility that pits retired NFL players against current (injured?) NHL players against each other in agility battles?


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