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Seems Like This Lady Really Wanted Mike Sullivan’s Attention

Unfortunately, the Penguins will not be going 82-0 this season. Instead, they decided to get their first loss out of the way rather quickly. Not wasting any time. It’s kind of like when a good bowler doesn’t pick up a strike in his first frame, then rattles off eleven in a row. The pressure of perfection is off. It’ll be smooth sailing from here.

Anyways, the real question that’s been weighing on my mind all night is whether or not Mike Sullivan has a new allegiance of fans trying to captivate his attention. Only a mere two years ago Mike Sullivan was a relatively no-name head coach for the Penguins’ minor league affiliate Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. Fast forward to today and he’s now a two-time Stanley Cup champion head coach with the reputation of being quite possibly the best coach in the National Hockey League. And with that type of success, everybody wants a piece of the action.

Look, I’m not gonna say that this lady did this on purpose. But when you have tickets directly behind the bench during the first game of the regular season for a nationally televised event, well, you kinda know the cameras will be rolling if you happen to be sitting directly behind the head coach of the defending Stanley Cup champs.

P.S. – Matt Murray will be fine. Relax, people.


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One thought on “Seems Like This Lady Really Wanted Mike Sullivan’s Attention

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