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So Tom Brady Posed With The Stanley Cup The Other Day And Some Pittsburgh Fans Freaked The Fuck Out

Alright, so I’m sort of, kind of, very subtly stealing this blog idea from the story WTAE published on Friday. However, I’m here to tell you I can confidently say our version will be much, MUCH better.

Sure, it’s easy to write a hundred words about what’s going on in a tweet followed by a bunch of other reply tweets and call it a blog. Shit, I do it all the time. It’s the lazy man’s guide to a quick blog post. But I have two issues with WTAE’s “blog”:

  1. If you’re going to publish reply tweets, they better funny. And by funny, I mean mainly uncensored. For instance, this tweet – not funny:

Sorry, Ryan. I’m sure you’re a cool dude, but any time somebody wins five Lombardi trophies, I’m pretty sure you can’t make fun of that person any more for “cheating” at football. Sure, make fun of the fact that at 40-years old Tom still kisses his dad on the lips, or the fact that he’s trying to sell gullible idiots long sleeve henley shirts to sleep in which is supposed to help them with their recovery. But not the man’s success on the football field (or basically in life). As much as I may hate him, too, he’s pretty fucking good. Also, he has an uncanny ability of beating the piss out of the Steelers every single time he plays them.

2. Perhaps this makes me a more credible capital J journalist than the folks at WTAE, but if I’m going to blog about Tom Brady touching the Stanley Cup, I’m going to at least give the story some context so I know why tf Brady was posing with the Cup in the first place. All I literally had to do was google “Tom Brady Stanley Cup” and an article from NHL.com popped up about Tom Brady hanging out at Ron Burkle’s house for a Stanley Cup party. You know, Ron Burkle the owner of the PITTSBURGH PENGUINS. See, knowing that already makes me feel better about the situation. It’s not like Tom just crashed a party so he could go run up and snag a pic with Lord Stanley like some sort of villain (although I’d respect the hell out of him if he actually did that). In this case, he happened to be invited to the party by his billionaire friend Ron. So chalk that up as another reason why it’s tough to make fun of Brady. It was simply a case of kings doing king shit.

Well, I’m not quite sure how this blog turned into me destroying an innocent WTAE article, but it did. Sorry, WTAE. Anyways, these tweets, on the other hand, are much better suited to describe how unhappy Pittsburgh fans were to see Brady groping Lord Stanley:


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