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Stop Whatever You’re Doing, Sidney Crosby Tweeted Today (For The First Ever)



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My god. The most private public figure in the history of the universe has made his debut on social media. I never thought I’d see the day. To be 100% honest, if you would’ve asked me before today whether or not I thought there was a better chance of witnessing the Washington Capitals get past the second round of the playoffs or witnessing Sidney Crosby upload ANYTHING on social media, I would’ve picked the Capitals 100 times out of 100 (even considering the fact they fucked up their salary cap situation for like the next decade LOLOLOL). Crosby’s that reclusive.

But you know something? This is a new Sidney Crosby from what we’re used to dealing with. This is the new Sidney Crosby that continues to prove the haters wrong.

The haters said his career was over after a slow start in 2015. Sid goes on to hoist the Stanley Cup and win his first Conn Smythe.

The haters said he couldn’t do it all over again. Sid does it all over again.

The haters said he wouldn’t ever go on social media. Sid tweets out the details of his day with Lord Stanley.

At this point, if someone says Sidney Crosby can’t walk on water, I’d stay woke af. Because that man’s doing it.

P.S. – You know you’ve made it whenever you tweet on an account that’s clearly run by someone other than yourself, yet everyone knows when you’re the one actually tweeting because you tagged your initials at the end. Literally the only people I’ve ever seen do this are Presidents/Presidential candidates and Sidney Crosby. That’s some baller shit right there.

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