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The List of Pensblog -Let’s Keep Going

The list keeps on growing everyone. Quick reminder to submit your picks for the list using #TheListofPensblog on twitter, feel free to tag and follow me as well @mynameisdpc.

Now onto the list this week!

Ron Cooke – Thank C-blog for this one. The worst show on The Fan, if there is anyone’s opinion on the Penguins I trust the least, it’s Ron Cooke. Total stupid idiot. Welcome to the list.

PPG Paints Arena – The second worst name for an arena after Jobing.com Arena. Not sure if it will stay on the list because really, who cares about the name. It’s just bad, like really bad.

Brian Doumolin – You’re asking…why is a member of the Penguins on the list. Simple answer, he’s terrible and has been all season. If he had a brand of batteries they would never work because both ends would be minus. (Bad joke, whatevs)

Bud Moonshine – After seeing the moronic tweet that Rick retweeted earlier today, I’ve had enough of Bud acting like he knows about hockey. Moron.

That’s it for this week, feel free to critique/submit your own in the comments.

LGP. The List of Pensblog.png

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