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Today In Penguins Trade Rumors: Darren Dreger Reports The Penguins Are Interested In Senators Forward Derick Brassard

Okay, so first thing’s first. Anytime Darren Dreger or basically any of the other hockey insiders at TSN (besides Aaron Ward when he actually worked there lololol) report on trade rumors, you can take their word on it. 11 times out of 10 there’s at least some truth to the matter. So if Dreger’s reporting the Penguins are interested in Derick Brassard, then the Penguins are actually interested in Derick Brassard. It’s as simple as that.

Now, before we start speaking in hypotheticals about the Penguins finally acquiring a third line center, winning their third consecutive Stanley Cup, and figuring out what jerseys to wear at the parade (two of the three which are definitely going to happen), we should probably pump the breaks here a second. If GMJR is gonna make a splash at the deadline to acquire Brassard, the asking price is going to be pretty high.

So what exactly is that asking price? Well, according to Dreger, a “hockey deal” needs to be made.

*Thinks about what a hockey deal is for a second.*

*Thinks about it some more.*

giphy (1).gif

*Finds a tweet from Pierre LeBrun from last week.*

So obviously a pretty hefty cost. First name that comes to mind as a top prospect is Daniel Sprong. As for for the third piece, someone like Matt Hunwick would make a ton of sense. Ottawa’s defense is trash. Add that to the fact that they’ve already shipped Dion Phaneuf to LA while Matt Hunwick continues to eat popcorn in the press box.

Now, in theory this all sounds like a lot for a 30-year old third line center with one year remaining on his contract. But here’s the thing – Crosby, Malkin, and Kessel aren’t getting any younger. Each of them are now all at least 30-years old. And as much as it sucks to write this, the window is closing. Whether that window be two years from now or five (let’s hope it’s longer), it won’t be long before *gasp* we aren’t winning Stanley Cups every year. So while it sucks to give up 1st round picks and top prospects, it’s a whole lot sweeter to raise championship banners.

Again, this is still all speculation at this point whether or not this trade actually happens, but if you aren’t excited about the possibility of Phil Kessel becoming a back-to-back-to-back Stanley Cup Champion, you can get the fuck outta here.

P.S. – I reached out to long-time Pensblog reader, Mick Papageorgio, to see if this rumor sways his opinion on the possibility of the Pens three-peating this season.

So far, no word from Mick, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted.

P.P.S. – it’s a motherfucker trying to type “Derick” without autocorrect ruining your day every five seconds (That’s right. I blogged this on my phone. Hero shit.).



UPDATE: Just as I hit publish, Mick replied.

Let’s hope he’s wrong.

3 thoughts on “Today In Penguins Trade Rumors: Darren Dreger Reports The Penguins Are Interested In Senators Forward Derick Brassard

  1. Grab Grabner! He’s so fast and he kills us when we play him and he is no where near the hit this clown would be. I used to watch brassard at CBJ and he was nothing really spectacular. Too much for a player that doesn’t have to be that good on that line on this team.
    We really just need an adequate blue collar makes no mistakes kinda guy.


  2. Riley has been playing solid 3rd line center for the past few months. I say go for Grabner. I hear the asking cost isn’t high which is baffling. Guy is an absolute monster – imagine what he would do on an already offensive-minded team?

    Imagine Malkin/Kessel/Grabner!?!

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