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Martin Has Perfect Day At Las Veags As Kyle Busch Fights Joey Logano Post Race

The Monster Energy Cup Drivers started a trek out west to Las Vegas on a perfect Sunday afternoon with Brad Keselowski on the pole.

The race started off with Brad Keselowski leading laps. At lap 18 the caution comes out for Corey Lajoie that blew a tire big time and smacked the wall.  The caution brought in the leaders and Martin Truex Jr. won the race off pit road.

As the race continued we get a good green flag run with Brad Keselowski leading more and more laps.  With 12 laps to go in the first stage Kevin Harvick is the next car to blow a tire and smack the wall to bring out the caution.

Kevin Harvick stated that he tried to ride it out before the end of stage.

The caution brought in the leaders with Jamie McMurray winning the race off pit road with a two tire stop.  Those two tires did not work at all and Martin Truex Jr. took the race lead as Joey Logano who did not pit under the caution dropped like a rock.  Martin Truex Jr. easily took the race win of stage one.

Under the caution leaders did stay out.  We get a long green flag run this time with Martin Truex Jr. leading lap after lap.  With roughly 37 laps left in stage two it was pit stop time for the drivers.  Afte3r the pit stops were over Martin was back leading more laps.  The caution finally comes out with 9 laps left for Derrike Cope that spins out.  The caution brought in the leaders.

As the race continued Martin Truex Jr. was back leading more and more laps in a new long green flag run.   Around 63 laps to go in the race it was Kurt Busch on pit road getting a battery replaced on his car.  With 57 laps left it was pit stop time.  Jimmie Johnson stays out to take the race lead.  With 40 laps left he finally pits to give Martin Truex Jr. the race lead.

As the laps quickly went down Brad Keselowski was the faster car and with 24 laps left took the race lead.  With 16 laps left Danica Patrick and her car smokes big time to bring out the caution.  The caution brought in the leaders and Brad Keselowski won the race off pit road.

With nine laps left the race restarted and Brad Keselowski easily took the race lead, but with two laps to go Brad Keselowski and his car loses some power.  This cause Martin Truex Jr. to easily get the lead of the race.  On the final lap Brad was losing some spots and then at the end of the lap Joey Logano gets loose and taps Kyle Busch sending him into the pit wall as Martin wins the race.

After the race though Kyle Busch winds up starts fighting with Joey Logano.

“This is a big one for us,” said Martin Truex Jr.  Martin becomes the first driver of the season to get maximum points which is 60 on the day.

“Trying to chase it up,” said Joey Logano on his car.

Brad Keselowski stated that something major broke on his car and that he had no brakes.

“I got dumped,” said a pissed off Kyle Busch.

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