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A few ex Saints are still looking for NFL jobs

When you look at the Saints roster you get the feeling it is close to complete but they could still round out some of their needs with some post draft pick ups. When the Saints start seeing some of these guys practice, too, they’ll get a better feel for whether or not they need to bring in certain veterans at a given position. And of course there’s still guys that were with the team in 2013 still looking for jobs. The longer they stay available, the more likely the chance the Saints could bring them back at some point to compete, either in preseason or afterwards.

Jabari Greer, CB: Released due to his expensive contract while recovering from a late season knee injury, Greer probably won’t be cleared to play anytime soon. He’s still out there, though, and if he remains available for a while I wouldn’t mind seeing him back at the veteran’s minimum to compete.

Will Herring, LB: That whole fiasco with the Cowboys was really strange. My guess is they didn’t want to sign him prior to June 1st and cost themselves eligibility in the compensatory draft process and they realized that after the fact. Herring is still out there, but perhaps he has a handshake deal with the Cowboys. The drafting of Khairi Fortt, who seems to have a similar skillset, probably means Herring won’t be back but you never know.

Jonathan Vilma, LB: I’ll be shocked if he plays again.

Jordan Pugh, S: Not likely to return to the Saints.

In addition to these four players, the name Jonathan Goodwin keeps popping back up. The Saints have Tim Lelito penciled in as the starting center with no real backup, so bringing back this former Saint makes too much sense. Goodwin tweeted this recently, read into it what you will.