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BREAKING NEWS: Roger Goodell Rules on Appeals, Extends Sean Payton’s Suspension to 2 Years!!

A nightmare situation has just gotten that much worse. Roger Goodell has extended Sean Payton’s suspension another full year, giving him a 2 year penalty for appealing his original decision. WOW. Says Goodell “I will not hear their appeal on Tuesday as previously reported and I’m lengthening Coach Payton’s suspension by another full year for not accepting my decision. Hopefully this makes it clear what our stance is on player safety”. In addition to Payton getting two years, Joe Vitt and Mickey Loomis both now have full year long suspensions as well for appealing. Clearly this has gotten personal and Goodell isn’t messing around, and his crusade for player safety has gotten reckless at the New Orleans Saints’ expense. “I’m not interested in listening to an appeal from that camp that will contain more lies and deceit,” said the NFL commissioner. I personally think his lack of professionalism on this has been clearly evident and he’s getting heavy criticism for how he’s handling this. ESPN has confirmed this story.

April Fool’s! Hahahaha. I know, this one was cruel, but too tempting to pass up on. I always put together a little April Fool’s joke on Saints Nation’s birthday. Last year Drew Brees retired from football, and the year before Reggie Bush was traded to the Steelers. Saints Nation is now 3 full years old and I want to once again thank the fans that come on here and make this a great place to talk Saints. You’re the only reason I keep this going. We’re closing in on 3,000 followers on twitter now, and we’ve hit the max of 5000 friends on facebook. The support is overwhelming as we continue to grow. 

Love you guys!