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Four Saints Players in NFL Trade Rumors Top 100 NFL Free Agents

Now that I've talked a bit about who the Saints need to worrying about re-signing, or not, it's good to also take a look at what is out there to improve the roster. Free agency officially begins on March 11th, so we've got a little over a month for action to start. Between now and then, teams can place the franchise tag on players starting on February 17th and the NFL Combine will be happening on February 19th. NFL Trade Rumors has produced a nice top 100 NFL Free Agent list to keep you current on who is out there.

The most notable is of course the first guy on the entire list

, Jimmy Graham. The Saints also have three other free agents on this list with Zach Strief at 49 (4th best offensive tackle), Brian de la Puente at #76 and Parys Haralson at #97. I'm slightly surprised, but not shocked, that Malcolm Jenkins didn't figure on this list. Of those four I think Graham is a lock to stay, Strief is 50-50 at best, and De la Puente is probably 60-40. Haralson will probably return if the Saints want him as he had a serious injury late in the season. Interesting to note that Greg Hardy of the Panthers is #2 on the list, I would love to see them lose him. 

There's a ton of guys on this list I would of course lose to nab. Besides our own players, which guy on this list would you most like to see in black and gold?