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Roddy White Arrested, All is Right with the World

News is slow this time of year so I'm just looking for anything I can find Saints relevant to talk about. This morning I was given a real gem, though, as evidenced by the mugshot you see pictured. This is proof that if you keep hoping for something amazing long enough, good things really can happen!

Our good pal Roddy has yet to say anything on his twitter account, but unless the Falcons put a muzzle on him this could prove to develop into something all the more entertaining. After a day off from work thanks to the President's day holiday, this could not have started my first day back at work on a better note. I had no idea you could get arrested for failure to pay a tinted window ticket, but I guess that's what happens when you fail to appear in court. Also, why would Roddy get illegally tinted windows? Nevermind, don't answer that.

Roddy had to pay a whopping $168 bond for his release, but hey, 90 minutes well spent. Look how happy he is in that mugshot. It's like he's at home right where he belongs!