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Saints draft Cal LB Khairi Fortt in 4th round

The Saints have picked a schoolmate of Cam Jordan in the 4th round adding flashy and athletic outside linebacker Khairi Fortt. Fortt was originally in the Penn State program before he transferred after that infamous situation took place. Fortt is a guy that can play special teams, has versatility, and can cover… so he’ll be a good fit for Rob Ryan and have a shot at the 53 man roster. Right now I see him as a situational coverage linebacker on defense and a guy that has special teams standout potential. Definitely two things the Saints need. My slight regret is the passing on guard David Yankey, though, as offensive line depth remains a massive need. Hopefully that’s addressed with one of, if not both, picks in the 5th round.

He’s his impressive write up on NFL.com:


Good size with a muscular build. Field fast — moves like a safety. Very athletic and agile. Plays on his feet and bends naturally. Excellent lateral agility — flows smoothly and has sideline-to-sideline range. Uses his arms like flippers to play off blocks. Loose-hipped to drop into coverage and match with backs and tight ends. Has traits to excel on special teams.


Frame is nearly maxed out. Very average key-and-diagnose skills slow his play speed. Does not always trust what he sees — takes false steps and hesitates to trigger. Inconsistent run fits and field leverage. Can be stronger at the point of attack. Did not make enough splash plays. Has underachiever traits. Motivation and durability should be looked into.


A better athlete than football player at this stage of his development, Fortt transferred from Penn State and played only one season at Cal before making a premature jump to the NFL. Speedy, finesse, see-and-go reactor who looks the part and has intriguing, starter-caliber athleticism to fit on the weak side in a fast-flowing 4-3 where he’s freed up to chase the ball. Should be a combine all-star and is draftable on measurables alone, but must sharpen his eyes and instincts to reach his potential.