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Saints Happy Hour Podcast: Saints bring back a Bush and Corner Bracket Continues

Rummage through your closet and pull out the #25 Bush jersey kids, Rafael Bush is BAAACK! It might not seem like a big signing but Andrew explains why the Saints really needed a 3rd safety.

Chase Daniel is returning too! WE ARE GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER!

Ralph feels bad for all these NFL veterans getting HOSED in free agency.

Malcolm Butler still not a Saint. Butler is very ticked off, probably more than most people realize. Would insurance make Butler more likely to stay in New England?

Who are the players Saints Twitter is likely to argue over most before the draft?

The best corner in Saints history bracket contunies its sad journey. There hasn’t been a sadder continuing series since PBS’s 9 Part Documentary ‘Mrs Lincoln’s favorite Parts of Ford Theater.’

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