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Saints Nation: 1st Preseason Game and Brees Deadline Looming

As of today we are now 10 days away from the deadline for Drew Brees to sign a contract extension. The lack of news since the well documented ruling is a little disconcerting. Things have been eerily quiet and neither side has made the slightest statement. It’s mind blowing to me that they’re still holding a poker face this deep into the process. It may stay that way till July 15th at this rate. Why panic till the last day?

In better news…

we’re also now 30 days away from the Hall of Fame game which features the Saints and Cardinals in Canton, Ohio. It’s hard to believe we’re finally going to see some football after the madness of this offseason. Football coming back is in even more welcome proximity than ever before.

So as if you didn’t have enough important Saints news the entirety of this offseason, you’ve got more breathing down your neck. As for me I’m enjoying the quiet before the storm because the last day or so has been the first time all offseason we have something to look ahead to, as oppose to dealing with the current news which has been painful way too consistently. Once the Saints get on the field that’s all going to change.