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Saints Nation: Big Gambles for the Saints to Consider

It’s about that time of the year, folks. The draft is coming up quick and a lot of teams are going to gamble on, before, and maybe even after draft day. Today I’m going to be talking about a couple of moves that the Saints could surprise everyone with.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that they should or are going to go through with any of these moves, nor am I predicting them; I’m just listing out a couple of them and providing why I could see the Saints doing  them.

1.       Using a mid-round draft pick on British Olympian Lawrence Okoye – The Olympic athlete turned down an offer from the very prestigious Oxford University to chase his dream of playing in the NFL. If that’s not dedication and drive, I don’t know what is. He impressed at the super regional around a week ago and was scheduled to visit the Saints on Friday. I would love if the team snagged this guy late in the draft because of that determination and drive I mentioned earlier. Teams say they can’t measure the intangibles, but I highly disagree. While he doesn’t boast the best “NFL talent”, he has all the physical attributes to be a star DE in this league and as everyone knows that’s one position the Saints could use a star at.

Opinion:  I would love this move.

2.       Saints acquiring  Tim Tebow? – I haven’t heard any rumors or anything like that on a move like this, but it makes sense to me. Tim Tebow gets the worst deals ever when it comes to the NFL. He wins the starting job in Denver and gets ridiculed for finishing out the season with a winning record. The next year, he takes his teams to the playoffs and knocks off the NUMBER ONE defense in the league in the Steelers and then gets traded to a team who obviously didn’t know what they had. If the Saints picked Tebow up through trade or even as a free agent, I wouldn’t disagree with the move. The Saints like to run trick plays and gamble in games sometimes (Super Bowl 44), and Tebow would be the best person for this. Could use Tebow for many exotic packages, such as running fake field goals, punts, and even line him up at RB / TE sometimes to maybe get that 3rd and goal or 4th and 1 conversion. Not to mention learning behind one of the best in the league in Drew Brees, Tebow might be able to turn into a viable backup.

              Opinion: I’d be excited to see what the Saints used him for.

3.  Saints drafting Manti Te’o – Put down your pitchforks and your spears and hear me out here. All girlfriend (or lack thereof) jokes aside; Manti Te’o has some of the best intangibles in the draft. Moreover, regardless of what his National Championship performance showed, the rest of his tape FAR outweighs that one game against ALABAMA, (A.K.A. The best team in the SEC which is on a different level than any other conference). The Saints love an intelligent football player and that’s what they would get if they drafted Te’o. Te’o could sit behind Vilma, Lofton, and all the rest of the linebackers and learn the ropes for a while and then come in when he’s ready. I personally believe in Manti Te’o and think he will be a good (potentially great if he is in the right system) linebacker in the NFL. Intangibles can carry someone a long way and this guy has all of them.

                                 Opinion: I’d be extremely skeptical about this and question the decision highly, but would not completely shoot it down as a stupid move.

4.       Saints trade for Darelle Revis – Watching NFL AM earlier on Revis’ rehab process and the Buccaneers being the only team really in the mix for Revis and I thought maybe the Saints were a secret player in the mix that nobody would expect. The jury is still out on who the team is going to draft with their first pick, and the Jets obviously want a first-rounder and then some for the star cornerback. I got to thinking about how the Saints would draft from then-on. This is a deal that came to me in this thought process: “Would the Jets take our first and third this year and our 2014 second for Revis and their second rounder this year?”. The Jets would get a heap of picks that they are dying for, and the Saints could still salvage this draft by getting a second-rounder back in return. However, that being said, the Saints would be in the same position they are this year, next year with the missing 2nd. If the Saints did get Revis, that would not only allow Revis to go from one Ryan brother to the other, who in my opinion, is better with Cornerbacks going back to Nnamdi in Oakland, but it would also completely remake our entire secondary, making it 10-fold better in my opinion. Revis and Lewis as starters with Robinson or Greer as the nickel corner would be much better than Lewis and Greer starting with P-Rob as the nickel corner (or the other way around with Greer and P-Rob). The only concern with the Saints signing Revis is his contract and the Saints having very little wriggle room for signings.

                                 Opinion: I would welcome this move with open arms and would be even more jacked for the season to start.


All these moves are something to think about and maybe discuss as the draft is quickly (thank goodness) approaching us. I could see the Saints going through with any of these moves and I would be completely open-minded about every single one of them. What are your thoughts on the moves I’ve mentioned here? Would love to hear your thoughts and maybe any other moves that you could see the Saints gamble on!