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Saints Nation Bold Predictions – End of season

A true showing of bold predictions last week. Nothing correct except for the part of the maybe most crazy bold prediction yet; Patrick saying that Forbath would make the winning field goal and maybe for me prediction Roddy White would have a bad game.  In all seriousness, White is done. He is not even a #6 receiver at this point. Colston did not have one last great game.

Speaking of Colston, as far as bold predictions go, the gang of 4 (Brees, Colston, Evans and Strief) who have played 10 seasons for the Saints are gong to be all back! Colston is done. Yes. But he will take a salary cut and play for the love of the team and when he makes the team as the #3 WR he will announce he is going to retire at the end of the season. Payton had Meachem play for way too long. Why be different and get rid of Colston who is even better then Meachem? Strief will be a major guy as a back-up. He dropped off at the end of the season, but  think that is because he is old and the season is long. Now that Payton is staying Brees will end his career as a Saint and set multiple more records. The only thing that is in limbo is Evans. The Saints kinda need 2 Guards. They might decide to keep Evans and have him play when healthy and hope he hold out long enough to give the project player drafted Guard enough experience in practice to be able to become a solid starter.

There. WR position fixed till 2017, Guard position fixed for a long time, and QB position as solid as ever.

Now lets get a TE and improve our defensive depth.

Thank you for reading this weekly post and a special thanks to thee guys entering their own bold predictions. Feel free to add some off season bold predictions in the comment section if you like 🙂